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Energy Resources & State Fragility

Almost half of the world's proven fossil energy reserves like oil and gas is held by countries classified in the warning category of the Fragile State Index, which measures a state’s vulnerability to collapse or conflict.

The Fragile State Index aggregates 12 indicators from different categories such as cohesion, economic, political, social and cross-cutting, into a single score, which is then can be assigned to the following vulnerability levels:

Oil Reserves & Fragile State Index

Canada 10% Iran 9% Iraq 8% Saudi Arabia 17% Venezuela 18%ALERTWARNINGSTABLESUSTAINABLEShare of worldreserves0%10%20%30%40%50%

Natural Gas Reserves & Fragile State Index

Iran 17% Qatar 13% Russia 20% Turkmenistan 7% US 7%ALERTWARNINGSTABLESUSTAINABLEShare of worldreserves0%10%20%30%40%50%